Walkie Talkie
for Teams

Squawk delivers instant audio chat.
Just click and talk, like you're in the same room.

Why Squawk?

Now more than ever, businesses need the right combination of technology to collaborate more effectively while working from home.

Squawk makes it effortless of have a quick catch-up without having to wait hours for a Slack response, or enduring a long Zoom call.



Squawk keeps chats quick and effective without bringing the entire office home.


Use for daily meetings or quick questions regardless of where your colleagues are based.


One-on-one, teams or entire departments. Squawk has you covered.



Tired of invasive always-on video chats? Squawk stays out of your way until you need it. Just click and talk.


Squawk groups are invite-only and end-to-end encrypted. They can only be accessed by approved group members.

Office 2.0

Teams shouldn’t be defined by the location of their office. Squawk works wherever you do, however you do.

Squawk vs Video?
It's your call.

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